That's me

I am an anthropologist, photographer and writer. The focus of my work is the portraiture of extraordinary living-conditions, especially regarding manual labour. Diving into the rough life and spending time living in the field has become my passion. I have lived amongst a Balmiki community for several months and became an expert on the lowest castes of India. I am quick in connecting with people and adjusting to a new (social) environment. Even in the most extreme places, I try to find familiarity. Humans share emotions and no one's life is black or white. I want to connect people with my stories and photographs. Sometimes, though, I need a break. Then I go hiking and shoot landscapes, because I also love the beauty of nature and solitude.


I was born in Essen in Germany and grew up in a little town in the countryside. I always loved playing outside and being active. After my secondary school-degree, I worked for an ambulance for a few years. The need of acting considerate in emergency situations taught me how to stay calm even in extreme situations. After a while, I decided to study and got a B.A. in Political Science and Economics from the University of Münster, Germany.

During the time of studies, I lived in Pakistan and Turkey for several months. Finding myself in such different environments and unknown ways of life, grew my interest in society and culture. I decided to join a Master's programme of Social Anthropology and focussed on South Asian culture. I taught myself to speak Hindi and Urdu and went out on a six-months field-trip to try to understand social mobility in India. With my thesis "The Indian Dream? Social Mobility of Balmikis", I have finished my M.A. from the University of Münster. I learned a lot about social structures, tolerance and ethics, which now helps me to go out, discover and share new worlds.

Photography came to me as an internal drive to share my experiences abroad and tackle stereotypes and xenophobia. I started learning it as a craft to build bridges between the subject and the audience. Combining image-aesthetic with image-content, I try to connect different living environments.